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The New Zealand Varieties Catalogue
14th Edition, published February 2020

This Book lists all the varieties of New Zealand County, Area, District and Zone badges,
as well as National events, Miscellaneous and National activity and Commemorative issues.
Major varieties are illustrated with thumbnail sized scans. A4 colour. 150 pages. Spiral binding.

Cost: NZ$24
Postage: New Zealand - $6.00 Buyer’s risk, $9.00 Courier
Australia - $15.00
USA, Canada & UK - $29
Rest of World - please enquire. Enquiry form here




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Zones History and Varieties Catalogue
8th Edition, published January 2023

This booklet lists and describes all of the Zone and Region badges currently used by New Zealand Scouting.
Major varieties are illustrated and the booklet includes North Island and South Island maps showing the location of each Zone.
A5 booklet 32 pages in colour.

Costs: NZ$5.00.
Postage: A5: NZ$2.60, Australia $3.30, Rest of World $4.00.
(Also available A4 with one Zone per page at extra cost - Please enquire).





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The Histories Book
A History of New Zealand District Scout Badges
4th Edition published March 2016.

Cost (including postage)
New Zealand - $42.50
Australia - $55.00
USA, Canada & UK - $80
Rest of World - please Enquire.

This book is a major revision and update.
It covers all the County, District, Area and Zone Badges from New Zealand Scouting, starting with the first badges issued in the 1920's and going right through to 2016.
It also includes Event Badges (Jamborees, Regattas, Moots...), Miscellaneous badges and Island badges.

The Histories Book has hundreds of pictures of badges throughout its 381 pages.
It has information about the background of each badge design, and dates for all Counties and Districts including ones that never issued a badge.
District maps and bibliographies are also included. The Histories Book comes with a colour cover and wire binding.


The Local Issues Catalogue

This catalogue lists badges such as Zone events, Group anniversaries, and Jamboree contingent and Troop badges.
It has several sections including Area issues; District issues, Group issues, Zone/Region issues; and National issues.
The National issues volume includes all Jamboree contingent and Troop badges as well as other badges associated with NZ Jamborees.
The Local issues Catalogue is being published in the Club website “Badge Catalogues” section accessible to members once logged in.


New Zealand Scout Proficiency Badge Catalogue

5th Edition, 2010, by Lloyd Esler.
This Catalogue includes awards, patrol colours, service stars, mufti badges and badges of rank,
as well as all the Cub, Scout, Venturer and Rover Proficiency badges used by Scouting in New Zealand since 1908.
The catalogue is illustrated with pictures of most of the original badges.

A5 sized catalogue is $8.00, (includes the cost of standard postage within NZ). Please Enquire


The NZ Girl Guide Catalogue

by Doyle August
This private publication has a comprehensive listing of all known Guide badges.
Details of design and descriptions are included, along some of the history of each badge.
This catalogue has the official endorsement of the NZ Girl Guide Association.
It is a must for collectors of New Zealand Guide badges.


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